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Need to turnaround sales results in two 100 person sales organizations where achieving only 1 of 16 monthly sales goals was the norm


  • 3 months after project, both sales teams were consistently achieving 14 out of 16 monthly sales goals
  • Sales managers developed skills and courage to hold the sales employees accountable
  • Poor performers selected out or self-selected out of organization
  • Primary barriers to motivation and performance were removed
  • Sales people motivated to develop and use more effective selling skills
  • Sales managers learned real employee performance management.

Comment: You've heard this before, maybe even seen it and actually have a feel for the way employee attitude, motivation and performance all turn around when leaders use employee performance management... "the real thing". This is exactly what happened in Situation #1!


Need to restore equilibrium and maintain high performance in a profit center during a downsizing from 900 to 400 staff


  • 20% increase in revenue
  • 74% said "I am performing better", (confirmed by mgmt)
  • 95% on Customer Satisfaction Survey (verified in independent survey by state university)
  • Interpersonal conflict effectively managed
  • Employee uncertainty and fear removed
  • Motivation and positive attitude restored
  • Managers learned the importance of employee performance management tools.

Comment: Want to avoid the performance plunge that comes with workforce reductions? Keeping performance on track stresses the importance for leaders to use employee performance management tools. We show leaders how to use these employee performance management tools, motivate them to use the tools and guide and monitor the effectiveness with which they use them. The end result is that employees call on their motivation to work hard and perform well during the difficult days of downsizing. This means business results and profitability show up as winners.


Need for new leader to manage post-crisis recovery in 600 person operation that had same site manager for 30 years


  • Leader adapted his style to meet the needs of his directs
  • The directs responded with enthusiasm and measurable performance improvement
  • Post crisis recovery was considered successful
  • Effective culture change achieved with new leader
  • Manager learned the importance of employee performance management tools.

Comment: Know how to become a new leader in difficult circumstances? You can't picture a better time to use proven employee performance management tools! The leader in Situation #3 did just this, getting the full leadership team on board and steering the ship back on course.


Under-skilled managers in the 40-person customer service department in the banking industry were allowing poor performers to flourish. As a result, the company was losing key knowledge workers and failing to meet business commitments.


  • Leadership skills and confidence strengthened regarding employee performance management
  • Employees felt valued, morale increased, employees engaged and committed to achieve goals
  • Poor performers effectively addressed
  • Perception of discrimination and favoritism disappeared
  • High turnover of key workers stopped
  • Motivation, productivity, quality were up, and commitments to business met

Comment: Wonder how inexperienced leaders can be transformed quickly? It's really a matter of tossing your focus on employee performance management. When you do, employees always hang in there and respond well, with greater motivation, more effort and improved performance. Leaders feel liberated when they transform the way they lead by using employee performance management, and best of all they clearly see the business results and profitability they want.


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The Belief System Model is a powerful breakthrough for corporate leaders who want to get the best out of their people. It is clear, impactful, insightful and actionable.

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