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We have worked with groups as small as eight to ten or as large as 700, in service organizations, manufacturing, telecommunications, the government, healthcare, nonprofits and retail.



Victor Vroom’s expectancy theory is the basis for the Belief System of Motivation. Thad Green translated the theory into the three beliefs and conditions for optimal motivation:


  1. Can I do it? If I make a sincere effort, will I be able to perform as expected of me?


  1. Will my performance result in outcomes that have been promised to me? That is, will my boss reward my performance, as promised. Also will my boss reward my high performance and not reward my co-worker that produces poor results?


  1. Will these outcomes be satisfying to me? A promotion, more work, more stress, flexible schedule, recognition, respect are a few examples.


We use our many years of experience, time-tested processes and proprietary assessment tools to help leaders and their teams to boost results. 70% of the participants in our program over the years have had significant improvement in their employee and business performance!



  1. So leaders can realize their true calling, enabling success by their teams and profitability for the business;
  2. Individuals wake up more motivated to do what they like to do (intrinsically satisfied);
  3. Individuals, teams and organizations exceed performance expectations;
  4. Teams and teamwork are strengthened;
  5. Leaders and employees manage change with ease;
  6. Downsizing and rightsizing can work without all the pain;
  7. Business turnarounds are easier and successful;
  8. Leader decision making is informed and far more effective.


When leaders "have no time to lead" and are like a "bull in a china shop"...
Decisions are made too quickly
Consequences are not considered
Employees not heard, given no feedback
Talent is driven away

When leaders "have don't take time to lead" and "take the easy way out"...
Making everybody happy the goal
Conflict is avoided like the plague
Tough decisions are avoided
Poor performers are ignored

When teams are dysfunctional . . .
The inmates run the prison
Sides have been chosen
Infighting escalates
No one is in control

When performance issues persist . . .
Someone is allowing it
There is a lack of courage or skills
Poor performers like it, of course
High performers get out

When growth, rightsizing, restructuring, M & A reek havoc . . .
Confusion sucks up energy
Resistance controls behavior
"It's-all-about-me" dominates
Results take a back seat and settle in

In other words...
When employee and business performance needs to improve,
We turn results around . . .
Or turn up even good results!


Just call us at 678-576-5207… and we’ll work with you on successful and profitable solutions for your business!

Our offering:

  • Confidential organizational consults with leaders to diagnose the reasons for employee and business performance issues so that value added solutions can be agreed upon and action plans put into place;
  • Interactive training on the Belief System of Motivation and Performance, giving participants an understanding of how motivation has a direct effect on their performance;
  • Structured online assessment tools for identification of workplace issues, causes and solutions so that performance breakthroughs occur.
  • Confidential one-on-one coaching sessions with an experienced professional so that employees can better understand those beliefs that are holding back performance results;
  • Safe discussions between manager and employee about what is holding back results, facilitated by an experienced professional so that the manager understands best how to help the employee get the results needed by the business;
  • Powerful "self-accountability" follow up process so that all feel confident they are on the right path to job success and happiness;

What is the Un-Becoming?

The Un-Becoming is a creative means to the introspective process of self-mastery. Using a non-traditional approach of storytelling reinforced by work related poetry and visual images, participants are able to shift to their right brain to feel (rather than think) and seek to understand themselves. The objective is to help participants remove conscious and unconscious roadblocks to success and purpose. Our belief is that we often have to un-become some parts of who we are, in order to be-come all we are meant to be! A repeated comment from participants is, “Thank you for the gift you have given to me!”


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The Belief System Model is a powerful breakthrough for corporate leaders who want to get the best out of their people. It is clear, impactful, insightful and actionable.

John A. Mitchell,
Chairman, First Union National Bank of Florida

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