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The Problem: Somebody’s Missing in EHR Implementations Print

Getting EHR off the ground is pretty much the same everywhere. Maybe that’s the problem! ehr-implementation

You’re spending thousands, maybe even millions, on new technology, right? But what makes technology work?

The answer is found in one word—PEOPLE. Technology works when PEOPLE are engaged in the EHR process. Which PEOPLE? Think first of those most critical--think


Make no mistake about it—overcoming physician resistance to EHR implementation is an uphill battle.

Resistance by physicians is built on solid ground. They already know, or will learn as the EHR implementation unfolds, the undeniable impact EHR will have on them—directly and very personally.

1st is cost. There is a significant investment in hardware, or a Web-hosted EHR that could be more economical. Either way, we’re not talking small change. Next is the support cost, such as software for servers, operating system, anti-virus, firewall, the cost to do data backup, the exposure to HIPAA breach given the vulnerability to theft of Protected Health Information (PHI), and on and on.

While this may be foreign territory to many physicians, one thing is certain—they are wondering how such expenditures will impact the way they practice medicine and their income, naturally expecting the worst. EHR implementation cost alone may be the strongest barrier to physician adoption of EHR... Download full article in PDF

Need an Employee Engagement Solution? Print
By Martha Forlines and Thad Green

BSI Experts Lambast Traditional  Employee Engagement Solutions

There is a lot going wrong in the world of employee engagement these days. Problem is, leaders usually find out too late. Here’s what’s happening, along with suggestions for protection.

What’s Going Wrong

Employee Engagement SURVEYS

Engagement surveys are nothing more than employee opinion surveys by another name, this even though the Gallup organization points out a pressing need, reporting that only 29% of employees are truly engaged at work, costing U.S. employers $350b per year.

If you want to count the ways the surveys are the same, look here:

  1. Survey items are around the same old employee satisfaction stuff;
  2. Engagement surveys are completed anonymously too;
  3. Data continue to be aggregated for reporting;
  4. Survey results continue to show problems that are too pervasive, too elusive, too demanding, too costly, and too easy to let slide; and
  5. Good intentions to take action (based on results) lose momentum like usual.

Perhaps the biggest issue, aside from the surveys themselves, is this—if managers haven’t been held accountable to lead effectively in the past, who is going to hold them accountable now?

So what are you to do, if you want to crank up employee engagement a notch or two on your team?

Look for engagement surveys that have proven to work for teams and larger organizations.

Inspiring Women: BECOMING Courageous, Wise Leaders Print
Inspiring Women


Martha Forlines and Thad Green are excited to announce the launch of their new book, Inspiring Women:  BECOMING Courageous, Wise Leaders!

The book has been written for the busy business person... we call it a "laser" book. You can read it in the time it takes to fly from Atlanta to New York City.

While it offers lessons in leadership and includes facts and data, the use of storytelling, prose, poetry and art keep your creative, right brain engaged and provokes your thinking. Listen to what these readers had to say...

"I found the book very different from other business books. The mix of prose with poetry, inspiration with cold facts was refreshing and engaging."

Patty Tucker, Deputy General Manager, EVP COrporate, Edelman Agency.
"The book includes stories of people I know with many diverse backgrounds, woven in amongst great writing with nuggets of wisdom and is thought provoking.”

Rachel Russell, VP Wholesale Customer Service, AT&T

20% OFF For a Limited Time!

Order your paperback copy below or click here to instantly purchase your eBook.

Leveling Bold: The Language of Responsibility Print


Dr. Thad B. Green

The unwillingness to accept responsibility is one of the biggest problems in America today.

This is not one person's opinion. Ask any manager. Ask any teacher. Ask most parents. Look around you. Listen. When is the last time you heard this unwillingness? It comes in many forms.
"It's not my fault."

"I couldn't help it."

"Nobody would help me."

"How was I supposed to know?"
A lot of people are concerned about the unwillingness to accept responsibility. We're starting to see just how many.
"That's Not What I Deserve" Is A Problem Print

Dr. Thad B. Green

Everyone has experienced the frustration of not getting what they deserve. Work hard and perform well and nothing good happens. Likewise, take it easy and perform poorly and nothing bad happens.

In many organizations, what people get simply is not tied to their performance. Good performance goes unnoticed. Poor performance is overlooked. Promises are made and not kept. Managers do not have the authority to do what is right. Organizations do not believe in taking care of their people.

Whatever the reason, employees often question whether or not what they get is based on how well they perform. Consequently, when employees are asked to work harder, their reaction is, "Why should I?" When this occurs, employee motivation suffers, and so does effort and performance.
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