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The Belief System of Motivation and Performance

This is a proven employee motivation program and employee performance improvement program for any organization that removes roadblocks to great results and job satisfaction. The truth is that our beliefs are so powerful in effecting our thinking, our motivation, our success. The Belief System of Motivation and Performance helps people to identify their beliefs and determine which ones are serving them well and which ones are not.

Conditions for Motivation

The conditions for motivation for the Belief System of Motivation and Performance are the following three beliefs:

  • I can do all parts of my job;
  • I will get the outcomes my performance deserves;
  • The outcomes I get will be satisfying to me.

If any of the three of these conditions are not met then employee motivation and engagement roadblocks occur that get in the way of great performance for employees and for the business.

Our employee motivation program

Would you like to see a jumpstart in the performance of 70% of the people you lead? That's what our Employee Motivation Program has been doing since 1991. It's a hard fact.

We have proven that there is a direct connection between motivation and performance. When people are more motivated, they work harder. When they work harder, they perform more and better... AND you get an increase in business results and profitability.

If you want to have performance ratchet up for your team, or your organization, contact us for more information. Taking action slips your mind; every day is another day of lost opportunity for performance improvement.

BSI's Employee Motivation Program doesn't just improve individual performance and give employees better job satisfaction, you grasp in your hands exactly what you want…improved business results and greater profitability.

How our employee motivation program works

Following preliminary interviews with the leader, BSI conducts a unique interactive training session with the leader and their team about the Belief System of Motivation that includes storytelling and participant involvement to reinforce the key learning's of the three conditions for motivation. The DISC Behavior Style Tool is also used to help with self-mastery skills. Employees then take either of the two assessment tools, the Green Motivation Assessment (GMA) or "R U Engaged?", the workplace motivation and engagement assessment tool.

BSI spends time discussing the problems the employees identified from the assessment tools, what are possible causes and solutions that work best for them. They are also coached and prepared for discussions with their manager about their problems, and recommended causes and solutions. The outcome from these professionally facilitated sessions leads to recognition of needs, choice of thoughts and feelings about "beliefs" that have been road blocks for success and happiness for both the employee and manager.

The benefit of our employee motivation program to the employee is greater self-awareness, self-reliance and performance results at work. The manager benefits by knowing the key motivators for each of their team members, enabling them to lead and manage more efficiently and effectively. The length of an assignment is dependent upon the size of the organization/group/team. For more information, please contact us.


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Client Testimonials


The Belief System Model is a powerful breakthrough for corporate leaders who want to get the best out of their people. It is clear, impactful, insightful and actionable.

John A. Mitchell,
Chairman, First Union National Bank of Florida

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